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Since you might be one of those rare people who have chosen to visit this page :) :) Here are some of the terms of site usage and also our privacy poilcy

Your registration on this site and its usage implies your implicit approval to our terms and conditions and acceptance of our privacy policy.

We do not ask much for any of your personal or professional details apart from your username or the details which you willfully provide while editing your profile.

Also here are some Do's and Dont's to make sure you have a smooth experience with

1) Do not share any credentials of instance (provisioning or front end) knowingly or unknowingly here. If there is any data breach because of you sharing the credentials, we will not be responsible for it.

2) Do not share any data, for which you might have been forbidden to do so. Example being data of various EU data privacy protected customers which might include employee data, picklists etc. If any data breach occurs, we will not be responsible for it.

3) This is a professional forum, please maintain decorum. If anything is done by you which is against the ethics of professionalism, you will be banned from this site. The Universe of SuccessFactors professionals is very small and users can be easily identified personally, we will not hesitate to make a formal complaint about it.

4) Since this is a forum of only SuccessFactors consultants, you will be asking questions and providing solutions to various issues, Please make sure you provide credible solutions to any issues and not provide any trial-error kind of workarounds, and also exercise discretion while accepting any solution given by other consultants. We learn from each other, so make sure your work has credibility among your peers.

5)We are in no way associated with the parent company of SuccessFactors i.e., SAP except for the purpose of knowledge sharing. We request you to exercise discretion while associating the links from our site into any of SAP support portals.

Thank you for your Co-operation
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