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Dear experts,

How to do association from FO to GO? kindly let me know the configuration steps.


Husain Y

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Hello Husain i am also in same boat, but some info from this link, Hope it may help ful for you



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Dear Husian

To define relationships between foundation objects, or between a foundation

object and a generic object, set up new associations or change the associations

included in the standard XML file. The associations are included before the HRIS

element end tag and define whether it is a ONE_TO_ONE or a ONE_TO_MANY


One-to-many association

Let's assume the company ABC  Services" has the locations “India" and “USA". This is a ONE_TO_MANY

association from the company to the location:

<hris-element id="company">



<association id="id" multiplicity="ONE_TO_MANY" destination-entity="location" />



For the destination-entity, enter the HRIS-element ID of the foundation object, or the external code of the generic object you want to associate the foundation object with.



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