Error Occurs in Manage Pending Hires

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asked Jun 15, 2017 in Employee Central by dhanunjay (2,190 points)  
edited Jun 19, 2017 by dhanunjay

Hi all,

When i am attempting to hire an On-board candidate via admin center, manage pending hire an application script error occurs.

Please check the image below..


thank you,


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answered Jun 20, 2017 by admin (4,290 points)  

Hi Dhanunjay,

Good day!

Could you please provide some more details regarding this issue 

ex: the excerpt from XML templates and applicant status configuration etc.

Because this application error might have occurred because of multiple reasons which can only be known precisely when we raise an incident with SAP team and check the logs of this error.



commented Jun 20, 2017 by dhanunjay (2,190 points)  
edited Jun 20, 2017 by dhanunjay
Hi Admin,
Can you share me your Mail ID, I'll Forward those files..

and this is mail id :

thank you so much,
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