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Hi Experts,

When a candidate creates an account and instead of filling the complete candidate profile (i.e all BG Elements) can go forward and apply for a job.

Here, we want the candidate to be notified to complete the profile and after that only he should move ahead with application.

Settings recommended in IMG, are enabled .i.e "Complete profile before application,.

Workaround provided is mentioning the instructions on candidate profile page.

Resume Parsing & LinkedIn is enabled, which also helps in restricting the candidate to move forward until the fields which are not populated are filled. But if there is no resume uploaded candidate can move forward with application.

Is there any other way around where we can make the candidate to complete the profile and then only he can move forward with application..




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Hi Allwyn,

Good day!

Why don't you try making the required attribute of the background element as 'true' and then try saving the profile without filling the required background element. Let us know how the system behaves after that.




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Hi Admin,

As suggested, i have made the attribute of the background element as 'true' and tried to move ahead for applying job without filling the BG element.

The outcome is , BG elements are displayed and it won't allow to move ahead until all the fields are filled in.

Hope so this workaround fulfills the client requirement.

Thank You so much and also thank you to KnockSF Platform.

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