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Context: Client has a set of questions categorized by Job codes that are auto-selected for an application when a requisition is created. This assures that every applicant applying for a job is asked same set of questions and screened consistently. User intervention and discretion is avoided. There are around 1800 categories of such question sets.


Requirement: Client would like to default the questions to applications in similar way (by job code along with question attributes like Mandatory/Not Mandatory, Disqualifying/Non-Disqualifying) without user intervention.


Understanding of SFSF:

<!-- [if !supportLists] -->·       <!-- [endif] -->In SFSF we can upload a question library. However, Pre-screening questions cannot be auto-populated on a requisition; they must be set up individually on each requisition (including the attributes such as Mandatory/Not Mandatory, Disqualifying/Non-Disqualifying) .

<!-- [if !supportLists] -->·       <!-- [endif] -->Recruiting users can access all questions libraries set up in the instance. We cannot restrict access to only certain libraries for certain users.

<!-- [if !supportLists] -->·       <!-- [endif] -->The questions can be uploaded only under one level of category. We cannot build a tree structure in library for categories. Example: Division -> Department -> Job Code -> Question


Query: Have we supported similar requirements on any other Client? What would be recommended design options to handle the requirement? Is there an option to default these questions along with attributes automatically on requisition?

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Hi Shankar,

Good day!

This has been most sought after requirement by many customers, but unfortunately there is no provision to default questions in requisition. You can default various fields including competencies using jobCode, but not the questions.

However, to make things easy, we can recommend client to make specific libraries of question sets which they think are commonly used so that they can select that particular library while creating the requisition.

Other than this, there is no provision to add default questions using job code, the excerpt provided here in the question from the handbook also states is categorically. If the above workaround is not feasible for client, then enhancement request would be the last option.




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