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Hi ONB Expert,

I am trying to setup the integration from RCM -> ONB -> EC without maintaining the Corporate Structure in Onboarding System.

If i mapped the below standard key on ONB custom panel,

LocDistrict - Division

LocNumber  - Department

DeptCode - Location

Then data did not from RCM to ONB for these 3 fields (NOTE: In RCM, i am using standard field id for these fields).

If i mapped the above fields with custom key fields then data flow properly from RCM to ONB. But In manage pending hires screen, data will not displayed for Division, Department and location fields.

As per the KBA note 2396671, above standard key should be mapped with Division, Department and location fields in KMS system to display the data in Manage Pending Hires.

Please suggest, how to flow the data from RCM to ONB with above standard key without maintaining the corporate structure in ONB/KMS system.

Thank you.



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