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Hi Experts,

For Internal  Candidates, can we pull the data from employee file while applying for  a job. Or is it mandatory that they have to maintain their candidate profile.

In regards to candidate application, Is there any provision where  internal candidate can skip the application. Or  is it compulsory they need to fill the application.



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The internals need to maintain a candidate profile, but via  from  sm-mapping u can sync fields from ep to candidate profile

Y u wud want to skip the application, if you need to apply to the job
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You can not skip the application. But what you may do is hide all fields of application from the internal applicants and allow only apply button. Prior to this it is important that they maintain the minimum candidate profile info for candidate identification.

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This is a convenient workaround. Great Suggestion by Vishwa (Verified Expert).
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Thank You Vishwanath, Premsanth & Admin :-)
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