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Dear RCM experts:- 

I have a quick questions

I have created Offer Letter with our Requirements Like Basic, hra, conveyance, pay grade, pay level etc., 

1) The above fields are reflecting in the Offer Letter , But when Recruiter enter the details of the fields are Not saving.

2) I read that no Feature permission are not accepted in Offer letter. So Feature or permission coding i have not given 

what could be the reasons 



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Hi Vinay,

Good day!

Could you please clarify your issue a little more. As the features of 'Offer Approval' and "Offer letter' are different, and I guess you might be getting confused between the two.

Edit your question and add a screenshot if possible to clarify a little more.


Husain Y

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Hi Vinay,

In offer template, we defined the 3 kind of fields,

- Define the same field as Job Requisition fields(To auto populate requisition data into offer template)

- Define the same field as Application fields (To auto populate application data into offer template)

- Custom field (within offer Template)

Fields (Basic, hra, conveyance, pay grade, pay level) which you have mentioned might be Custom fields with offer template.

What you do - Go in provisioning and define these fields as reportable (Under Reportable Custom Fields). Hope will solve your issue.



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Thanks kapil.
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