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I have SuperAdmin, and but he can only access/control on Home, Document Center, My Profile in Onboarding Dashboard

Not able to find Settings, Reference Files, Features, reports, Notifications, Security, Admin Reports, Process etc. in Onboarding Dashboard  and NewHireActivities too..  

How do we Enable 'or' get access on Settings, Reference Files, Features and all in Dashboard onboarding ..?

Note: I've set all Onboardings permissions to SuperAdmin




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Hi Dhanunjay,

If you already have Hiring Managers and HR Administrators groups in the RBP and if you have User and Permission Syncs running, then please assign your Super Admin User Id under both these groups and run both the syncs, then you will be able to see all the tiles you were mentioning to that User.



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hi.. Mohan
thank you for valuable information
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Hello dhanunjay

of my knowledge once you log in Xpress HR application you need to get default.

if you are talking exactly this one (Pic)

raise a ticket a SAP

let us see if any ONB expert may revert any thing else image

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Thank you for information..
I could access all these Reports, Process, Notification, Security, Ref. Files and all .. few days back..
but now i'm not able access all these..
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Please run the permission sync and user sync report. If still not exists , pls raise a ticekt with SAP.
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thank you vijay
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