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I want to enable SF_Notification, SF_BIZX Connection for onboarding and some other features too.. but i'm not able to navigate Super admin tool to enable that features..Why ?

I think, there is a problem with web service login credentials ..


i'm not able to create password for Account USERNAME.. In Provisioning Why.. ??

(Password field is not editable)

Please find the picture below..





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Hello Again, 

I believe you have not configured onboarding in proper way. Please follow the below steps

1. Login to provisioning account, and enable onboarding. 

2. Now enter account id and then select environment, etc. 

Note you should see Web services username and password as accountid_ws and accountid$ws. 

3. Now open super admin site. I go to service logins and set the data service username and password same as you see in provisioning. And save. 

4. Now go to sf_bizx_connection and choose proper instance name and URL. 

This way we should create connection between onboarding and bizx instance. 

Hope above step will resolve your issue. 

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I did that, I enabled Onboarding Features as mentioned in Onboarding Implementation Handbook  .. i don't know why its happen
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If you select environment first and then enter account I'd. You will see blank password. I hope You are doing it right now and you issue is resolved.
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