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Hi all,

Do we have any option to know onboarding’s scheduled on a particular day to the recruiter? Can a recruiter have a chance to view the onboarding team availability for particular day??

Let’s take an example – Recruiter A has initiated 10 on boarding’s on 15th Feb 2017, Recruiter B is about to initiate 10 onboarding’s on the same day.


Does the recruiter B gets  any notification about  already scheduled onboarding’s  on 17th Feb 2017??



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Hi D, 

There not such schedule available in onboarding which will keep the count and inform other recruiters. 

We can send notifications to recruiters group(which may include all recruiters of rcm) each time we initiate onboarding. Notification type Recruiter notification and notify at create activity.


Recruiter A initiate 5 and Recruiter B initiate 2. Then there will be 7 notification send to all recruiters. This way we can achieve our count. 

This will be the simple way. 

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thank you  Sangrampadhi
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Hi Dhanunjay,

Good day!

From RCM perspective, there is no functionality to make other recruiter's aware or notify them either through the system or through emails to inform about scheduled onboarding.

Hope this helps.


Husain Y

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thank you Husain Y
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