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Sometimes we need initiate Onboarding for Huge New Hires, So 

Can we import bulk NewHire information in Onborading to complete PostHireVerification Step ? How?

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Hi there

If you are not using RCM to onboarding integration for those bulk candidates. This is achievable. You can download mass import template from onboarding >>settings >> manage employee >> mass import. Fill all required details and upload the file in the same place manage employee >>mass import. This is manual process. 

This can be achievable using api integration as well. You need to configure sfapi or odataapi. That's a long but automatic process. 


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thank you ..
So we need download Onboarding Mass import - xml file and add some content of New Hires and import it to system ..right !
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could you tell me " how to configure SFAPI or OdataAPI.. !"
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