ONB - Empty fields omit/skip from PDF form dynamically (collected from Panels

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asked Feb 10, 2017 in Onboarding by ksharma (2,450 points)  

Hi ONB Experts,

In NES (New Employee Step), we do collect the different data from the candidate into different panels and many fields are not mandatory as well. 

I have mapped the panel fields key with PDF form (one to one mapping) and finally a form will display (before OR at signature step) the collected data.

Customer Requirement - The final PDF form generated by NES step will omit/skips the blank section/fields from PDF form. So, once they will take print out copy, It will not take un-necessary space in print copy of form.

Please suggest.


Kapil Sharma

1 Answer

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answered Feb 15, 2017 by Sangrampadhi (1,990 points)  

Hi Kapil, 

As per my knowledge we can't skip empty fields dynamically in on onboarding pdf forms. 

In pdf form we have text design which is constant and field design which is dynamic. If a field is empty we cannot omit the text design. It will be there with a blank value. 

Lets see what other onboarding experts says regarding this. 


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