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Hello guys,

Could anyone let me know how we remove the 'custom-select' options for Enum types location and department (screenshots attached) and have them appear as dropdowns instead. 

It is said that any values > 100 appear as Custom Select Options. Is there anyway to change this? 


VijayshreeCustom Select.docx (22 kb)

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Dear Vijayshree,

                       If you want to have a dropdown in that portlet, create a picklist and map it to the portlet value.



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Hi Alex,

Thanks for your answer. But the thing is, the same XML is populating as drop down for Location and Department fields in a different environment. Is there any setting i might be missing out on?

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Hi Vijayshree,

                        Check the field Data type value is in Picklist and enter the picklist id on the Valid Value Source.

Alex Heartlin
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The type is Enum.
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Change it to Picklist
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