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Hello All,

Do we have a functionality to hide the comments section from other approvers in a workflow?

for example: There are 5 steps in a workflow which consists of 5 different aprovers. Request go to the first approver and he puts some comment on it.

The client requirement is to now hide this comment section from other 4 approvers and only HR Admin should see it.

Is it possible?


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We can hide comments in workflow

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Hi Dhanunjay,

Thank you for the answer, could you help in elaborating a little more on this?

Husain Y
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Hi Husain,

The comment section is controlled by the "DOC_COMMENT" in email notification templates setting and the "Ask For Comment Routing" checkbox in the form templates setting. These are the universal settings which will be applicable for all the approvers in the route map. The only scenario when approver will not see the comment box is if the person routing the form is same as the next approver.

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