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We try to create a workflow for employee changing their personal information. Workflow is working when employee makes the change via Edit. When employee inserts a new record in the history, workflow is not triggered. We use People Profile 3.

Why is the workflow not working via History > Insert new record?

Appreciate your help

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For the employee:

 1. View to allow the user to view the Employment Details portlet on the Employment Information page.

 2. Edit to allow the user to edit the portlet on the Employment Information page by clicking the Edit link in the portlet.

Note that workflows cannot be assigned for changes done this way.

Workflow :

You can define workflows to set up approval processes for changes the manager or employee makes to an employee's data.

For triggering a workflow for any other changes that you need to approval..

1. Create a rule that defines which workflow is triggered under which condition

2. Assign the rule to the corresponding foundation object in the Data Model


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