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asked Jan 31, 2017 in Recruiting Management by shwethashyam (180 points)  

Agencies will upload the resumes on behalf of candidates and will use only one user ID and mail ID. Also agencies will have ownership of candidates and will not disclose candidate contact details with the company. How will this be masking reflect in talent pipeline. 

Any documentation on agencies will be highly appreciated

commented Feb 7, 2017 by sanjeet111 (2,640 points)  
Hi Shwetha,

In the talent pipeline agency candidate will be displayed in pick color. Also if the ownership by duration is enabled then no other agency can submit the same candidate for that duration. This actually we can't say masking since the recruiter working on a candidate profile will have access to all the information. The purpose of agency is not mask the candidate information but to give other agencies access to forward candidates on a requisition.


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Hi Shwetha,

Good day!

Could you please clarify what exactly you meant by masking? Do you mean hiding the data from the recruiting operators?

You could also check the ownership setting details in the RCM handbook.



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