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What the is Procedure to integrate RCM - EC directly ?. Is there a way to do the same ?. If Yes, kindly advice on the Procedure. 



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Dear Tejas,

Yes we can do it.Below is the process please find it.

Integration template can be pull from candidate position,Job Requisition,Offer template.Before moving the candidate to hire .Candidate must go through an approved offer.

Map the data from Recruiting Management directly to the equivalent fields in Employee Central, which requires Professional Services Configuration in both the Recruiting and Employee Central modules. External Candidate Profile background elements are synced to the Employee Profile automatically when correctly mapped.
With this functionality enabled and configured, recruiting users can:

Stage a Candidate in a prehire status in the Recruiting module

Access the Employee Central page for creating a new employee

Review and edit new hire account data pulled directly from Recruiting module

Submit New Hire for approval

Update the Candidate Profile with the Employee ID

Auto-synch background element information from candidate profile to employee profile.

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Good explanation Santosh!

Also Please do explain additional settings that need to be done in Provisioning with respect to

a) Edit applicant status Configuration

b) Candidate to employee integration template

And in Manage permission roles .

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